My ‘Hallyu Fever’ Story

by AsianLadyAbroad


After watching an episode from a Korean drama my mind tends to stray over the question, how had I become extremely addicted to this Korean pop frenzy? A lot of my boy friends have asked me what have I seen in the K-pop industry for me to become overly fascinated to guys who to them looks physically gay. (When all I really want to say is, ‘They not gay, you! They simply look quite feminine!’ then cower meekly on the side)

Monstar-04460Actually I really don’t know because I still have my own questions like how did the Koreans plan for this, how did they envision the spectacular Hallyu wave from nothing? What secret formula or top-secret strategy do they apply before creating such loveable drama or intense movies, and catchy music videos? How do they scout for boy-girl groups that make people spazz and gush over and over again? How did they become a tremendous internet  sensation? How did they control the internet world? HOW! ‘Cause till now I can’t give my friends a justified answer. The insanely pleasing effect always leave my tongue dangling like a puppy begging for more and more milk. Like, do puppies have to have a reason why they dangle their tongues? No, isn’t it?  It’s just a part of their psychology, I guess my answer would be it’s just the same way for me, there’s no reason at all. IT. IS. SIMPLY. ADDICTING.’CAUSE.IT.IS.DELICIOUSLY.GOOD!


As a normal human being I believe we are also inclined to become curious individuals which is why there are times I question the boy groups sincerity that it affects my perception towards them. I also tend to doubt EXO or Super Junior’s authenticity in projecting their image as boy next-doors or pure but secretly bad ass image. Even the infamous questions do get into my head like Is he gay? Is he really that kind of guy backstage? Behind the cameras especially from all the scandals floating over the Internet for instance Onew‘s smoking picture,  7even’s escapade to the ‘adult spa’ during his ongoing military service and 11 year relationship to his girlfriend Park Han Byul or G-Dragon’s misuse of marijuana perhaps, when moments ago I just watched their interview seeing them all so sweet and condescending. Do they do that because they want to unchain themselves from the general flavour their companies try to saturate them on? Or just because they were caught beyond there will?


Although I am guilty of such, by the end of the day, my emotional side as a young lady gets the best of me. Eventually I lean back to the positive things the Kpop Industry has made me enjoy, made me realize and made me come to believe. I am a total fan girl who would look over the unspoken protocol idols try to advertise and cover up from the K-minions. Instead, just appreciate their dedication in their art as an artist, enjoy what is served and understand that they are human beings who make mistakes and who also have worldly desires just like any of us but still say my thoughts without being below the belt. In the first place we cannot flutter people all the time, can you?  

Anyhow, to get to the point straight up, my love for Kpop  started with a drama addiction  as opposed to those of you who have stumbled through a music video or a tempting sexylicious naked boy group, honestly it’s only been recently that I have become interested on the Korean pop music. Before, I only downloaded my fancied drama OSTs because I was too apprehensive to experiment and later on be devastatingly disappointed because it didn’t reach my expectations. I was rookie back then you see, I only tried what I knew and what heard was the best.

I started to know this demon back in the day when I was surfing a Filipino website after we have settled in a different home. Unfortunately, the management of the new building did not allow us, occupants to install satellites despite of its modern facilities so my mother and I pestered father dear to install a wifi connection instead so we can check out our teleseryes or tv series through the internet. I believe it was in the year of 2009 that I saw a thumbnail in front of the Filipino website that immediately got my attention. It was Gu Jun Pyo and his minions all elaborately too dressed up for a simple get together.exo-k-forthe-face-shop-exo-k-wallpaper-31350537-fanpop-fanclubs Although, I was used to seeing random Korean tv series on the webpages of Filipino websites I didn’t really quite mind them because I used to think that I’ll never be dragged into the growing trend of the Hallyu Fever.  However, since Philippines is also known for hosting Korean Dramas it was inevitable, really. Plus the poster took hold of my interest. I mean, the paper view was easy on the eyes, pink back drop (THOU SHANT TEMPT ME WITH PINK STUFF), four glamorous chaebol boys smiling enthusiastically at you as if trying to say, come watch us because we’re rich and handsome, you should definitely drool over our awesomeness. Watch! Watch! I mean, who could ever dump that offer right?

So as I clicked on to the thumbnail I instantly became totally thwarted, a reaction a newcomer to this stuff wouldn’t really hope to find oneself in after getting into what you thought was a goody bag. It wasn’t the plot I was turned off of, the plot was fantastic really,Boys-over-Flowers-korean-dramas-32444321-1920-1080 especially for a twelve year old who still believed in Prince Charmings, Cinderellas and fairy tales. It was the fact that it was dubbed. Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I don’t like dubbing, I loathe it. For me dubbing is a total buzzkill to any television show, like a spoiled cherry on top of a delicious vanilla ice cream. The sound of the horrendous, over the board shrill voice of the heroine whenever she tries to express her sentiments with feelings is SIMPLY IRRITATING. Every time I watched it I would always find myself frowning through out the episode. Though I understand that the dubbers might have wanted to portray the actors with exaggerated voices so as not to make it flat on TV, it does go over board.

So as to wrap it all up, my Hallyu fever story has been a wonderful and interesting journey and I’m really glad that I was able to know more about myself and discover my real interests. Hallyu wave also became my storage of inspiration whenever I wanted to skip the drama of the real world. It has been a vice because it made me procrastinate when I needed to do more important stuff but a motivation as well that helped me to keep going with writing.

 Definition of K-minions- fan girls and fan boys who stay united for their love and adulation of the Hallyu wave.