Movie Tick: The Man of Steel

by AsianLadyAbroad


DISCLAIMER: Thou shan’t continue if you’re an extreme fan of the topic for this review of mine is highly critical. THIS IS FOR THE STRONG-HEARTED.

I got to watch Man of Steel today with my former classmate in high school and coincidentally we have the same thoughts about the highly publicised movie. We felt disappointed. I, on the other hand thought that it could have been better if they tried to give a sincere and meaty story that sticked to the real essence of Superman.

manofsteelI mean the movie had so much potential in making a fantastic narrative but with all the sudden time jumps and removed scenes it wasn’t able to do that. There weren’t anything to gnaw on to in the story, no substantive emotional hook that will make you feel as if your on the edge of your seat because it’s that good, no captivating device to suck your real interest. I basically frowned at most scenes due to its ‘flat’ execution for instance Kal’s mother before sending him off to planet earth. THERE WAS NO PAIN AT ALL. Like, you just don’t cry like that when your son is being thrown off in a far away place even if it’s for his own good. Try watching Filipino dramas and you’ll see how dramatic they can get. -_- I mean seriously?

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 17.43.12

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 17.42.59 However, don’t get me wrong there were minimal scenes that captured my attention before it totally drifted in the air number one is when he said something incredibly ingrate towards his adoptive father. That truly threw me off. I mean if he was really fighting for the life of humanity he should know that being a human being is to become truly grateful and respectful towards one’s parents. Second is where Clark got off his beard magically, making him look like an extremely decent and less scary, attractive young man which for a second got me all fan-girl mode but then totally zapped out because of his boring character. Lastly is the part where he was trying to kill General Zod. For a moment while they were flying around, I wondered if he could really kill him off because after the long of chase deadly guns and lasers THEY WERE STILL ALIVE but when in fact he could’ve just twisted the villain’s head from the start to kill it off and avoid the massive destruction that had become of US.

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 17.42.39Overall, it felt as if they made a totally different version of Superman. Also I’m pretty sure he met Louis Lane before she knew him as Superman in a different setting and different circumstance, not while he was working as a worker in the Arctic. See? Not only is it totally disappointing due to the unpalatable story line it also confused and made me doubt my knowledge of the real story of Superman, not until I read the news that’s it’s actually a reboot story. Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 17.43.50I wish they tried to really think about the flow of the story and what would be the effect on it to the viewers instead of just remedying it with grandiose effects that were basically used only for highlighting the destructive scenes. What are your thoughts?