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Month: December, 2013

I Got Rejected on the Day of IELTS Exams


The tiresome process of testing one’s academic improvement or general knowledge that goes by the name exams is by any means the most sadistic ‘scholarly’ activity man has ever created.

It causes a mere person to become subjected under circumstances that generates after effects such as temporary mental anguish and physical deterioration but with the promise of a bright future once you’re able to ace it.

And IELTs wasn’t an exemption to such cruelty even though it ‘only’ tested my English abilities.

The hardship it caused me last October 21 was definitely unsparing although not if I had taken that little thing called Identification ‘ID’ in my email one month before seriously…dammit.

Whenever I reach the part of a novel where the protagonist successfully evades imminent predicament in his life, I can’t help but shake my head at the methods of the writer to prolong the story by patching up dramatic sequences because lo and behold, the character after some pages becomes subjected to another far-fetched situation that is highly unlikely.

So imagine the feeling I had the moment the Indian woman in her late forties flat out said, ‘I can’t take you in’ on the very day of the exams even after I knew I was definitely sure everything was complete.

As a matter of fact, the night before the exams, I made sure everything was in my folder, the receipt of the payment, photocopy of my passport, and another photocopy of my resident card plus the original one. On top of that, I didn’t use the internet as much as I did because I wanted my head and eyes to be free of stress and strain! I even took out my blackberry’s battery for crying out loud the moment I was about to step into the centre because I was scared it would ring again the way it did like the last time while I took the entrance test in De La Salle- Manila.

And then I come in and someone says that without batting an eyelid?!

For a moment or 4, I literally stared at her with unbelief in my eyes while in synchrony sizing her up if she was serious or not after still rejecting the photocopied ones I was oh so ready to hand her with confidence.

Then when I was positive enough to figure that she was serious, I did the smartest thing I could think of.

I popped my head out from the railing looking towards the cafe couches below, scanned for my dad who looked worried again the moment he saw me because he knew there was trouble again.

In the end, after being rejected I was still able to write my test whilst praying and calming my pitiful nerves. Also, dad was able to retrieve my passport and was able to give it on time at 12 pm since that was the deadline they gave us considering the fact that it was a weekend.

Moral of the Story:

1. Always be keen on instructions. Don’t forget to double check.

2. Be prepared with life’s plot twists. (Rational/Emotional)

3. Befriend people with connections.

4. Most importantly, pray and believe.


Faith and Blessings in Disguise


Hello my December love!

If your someone who loves knitted coats, jacket pockets and thick socks raise your hands with me!

Not only are they the best remedy to cover bulging tummies but also the best excuse to stay cozy under your blankie during the winter night with a book and a hot chocolate milk in hand or better yet a laptop with a top rating k-drama playing on screen. I know!

Lately I’ve been keeping up with my IELTs review since I’m going to take that test on the 21st. It’s a requirement needed for my entry way to college. The decision to put college on the sidelines wasn’t really a choice at first but somehow it became an inevitable outcome because my parents including I didn’t want me to go back to the Philippines. After not getting into the quota limit of the universities I applied to, we were pretty much at a loss of where to start. 5 months became like an incubation period. Self-esteem, confidence and faith were all down and wavering. Praying was the only refuge we had and since I am a human kid questioning the Lord Jesus why this happened happened indeed.

But now here I am thriving and on the brighter side enjoying the gap year and totally grateful about it! In fact I consider it as one of the Lord’s blessing in disguise. During these past months I’ve got the chance to wrap my mind around certain stuffs I’ve always considered important and then coming up with new ones which I could have never done because it would always be kept aside due to carelessness and improbable priorities which are unnecessary in building up a dream course vital to one’s purpose and feeling of satisfaction.


Through my experience I realised that the Lord does not think twice of how and where to put you. Even if it has to hurt you. He has a reason as to why you have attained such position and yes most of the time, beyond our mind’s ability to fathom. But what you have to do as a faithful believer is to keep holding on and believing that everything happens for a reason. Jesus will give you the answers that boggles your mind in time. Don’t be afraid, trust me you’ll get them, just don’t stop believing in Him. HAVE FAITH! And while you’re at the process find things that will inspire you and continue doing it.

I’ve been reading blogs in different websites and I find it really sad that there are a lot of people by millions who have become total unbelievers and drifters up to the point of rejecting the Lord Jesus claiming such and such as if they really know what they are saying.

The reality of it is so disheartening I can’t help but tear up a little.

The lord Jesus is real, alive and listening to your pleas, all you have to do is call out for him hence the scriptures say of Luke 11:9 -‘And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you’.

Doubting and questioning the validity of the Lord Jesus is a normal stage where in we all have undergone, in fact even King Solomon searched the Lord Jesus and yet found him.

In the end bottom line for you to really get to Him, you have to humble yourself and accept Jesus as your Saviour and God then everything will literally fall into the right place after you seek him…