Twenty-Thirteen: A Year of Growing Up

by AsianLadyAbroad

new year

Here’s to the things I’ve learned through out 2013:

Life isn’t hard but trials you face makes you think that it is.

You may not have everything you want but you can have everything you need which most of the time is better than what you’ve always wished for.

There are indeed forces wearing our faith down, forcing you to believe that your negative emotions are right and confusing you of who to please and what you stand for.

When things don’t look clear, you’re almost there.

When you think you can, you can. All you have to do is to think and act with confidence. (Fake it till you make it)

A lot of people is, was and have gone through what you’re going through so don’t sweat it, you’re not the only one.

Leaving an impact to someone’s else’s life is the best feeling in the world.

Everything in this world is an illusion, in fact we live in a hologram. (There’s scientific basis to that, alright)

People change. People leaves people. People needs people.

Once I get tired of you, I stop liking you.

God and Family are the only real support system you can have in this world.

What your parents say are mostly true because they’ve gone through the same and sometimes worse scenarios you can ever imagine.

When you believe, things happen according to your faith in it.

All in all, twenty-thirteen has been a year of refinement, learnings and resolutions. A year full of roller coaster rides and life realisations.

I pray that 2014 be the awesomest year that could ever happen yet, to you and I.

Happy January 1st of 2014! May you start the first page of your book with determination and positivity!