How I Celebrated Valentines Without a Date

by AsianLadyAbroad


I truly believe that being inspired, passionate or simply being in a good mood is a vital ingredient in creating something wonderful. Now, once the heightened emotions wane off to a sizzle, you’ll slowly realise it’s actually just a battle half won until you start actualising it.

Last february thirteen I received a call from my father in the morning. In the middle of my apparent grogginess, I hesitantly picked up the phone only to hear the news I’ve been anticipating for days. I finally got my offer letter from one of Australia’s Prestigious 8 universities.

Initially, I resigned to the idea of settling in another uni that my family and I saw just north of Sydney. Our reason, it was the first and only institution we saw in the open fair that accepted Philippine educational system. Then one day, given the fact that I was going to be alone in that area because most of our family friends were living in the capital city, I went and researched for another ones nearer thus stumbling across Aussie’s Group of 8. Eventually, after days of believing, hopeful anticipation and silent prayers, it came to an end. I received what I’ve prayed for.

Although immensely grateful, I couldn’t help remember the unsurmountable emotions of hopelessness I felt before reaching what seems to be the finish line of the wait. Moreover, having reached such point, I can’t help but share with you what I learned through the process: With hard work, you naturally get what you want when your mind is focused on that but when you don’t if you’re with God and continuously hopeful despite whatever negatrons looming over you, He has something far greater than what you expect. In fact, He gives you what you truly need when you least expect it and rest assured, it’s always better than what you wanted.

Thus with that stated, I’m rather taking in everything abstemiously than otherwise because bottom line, I’m only starting to trek the pathway of my dreams.